ISSN 0718-0918
Vol 13, N° 1, Abril 2016

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Manejo del excedente cutáneo en encefalocele frontonasal gigante

Lagos Jefferson  Carolina1; Paulos Parot Angélica2; Broussain Kyling Valentina3; Lazcano Álvarez Geraldine4; Berwart Cancino Francisco5
1 Cirujano Pediátrico  Hospital Roberto del Río, Magíster en Educación Superior
2 Cirujano Pediátrico Hospital Roberto del Río, Magíster en Salud Pública
3 Cirujano  Pediátrico Hospital Roberto del Rio
4 Residente de cirugía pediátrica. Hospital Roberto del Río. Universidad de Chile
5 Neurocirujano Hospital Roberto del Río



Introduction: The Nasofrontal Encephalocele is rare. It is triggered by a failure in the neural tube closure during the embryonic development. This is associated with other anomalies of the Central Nervous System. The Scanner and the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance allow deciding the best surgical resolution strategy, according to the bone defects, external injury and deformity of the facial subunits. In order to achieve optimal results, a multidisciplinary team is required. In the existing literature, surgical treatment of the Anterior Encephalocele is described. However, the skin facial excess in cases of giant tumors is not described. In most patients, bicoronal incision allows handling both the encephalocele and tissue excess. The problem arises when the injury surface is too wide to be treated by a bicoronal incision.

Materials and methods

Report of a clinical case of a patient diagnosed with a giant anterior encephalocele, who was treated in our center. Clinical picture and performed surgical treatment are described, emphasizing he skin excess reduction, considering the subunits for the repair.


The Giant Nasofrontal Encephaocele is a rare defect that requires a multidisciplinary treatment. This surgery consists of resection of the herniated mass and closure of the defect with or without a cranial vault reconstruction. This case sets an example of how to handle residual flap tissue in patients presenting a frontal facial tumors, considering the facial subunits as a reference for the repair that allowed a good aesthetic results.

Key words: Anterior Encephalocele, Encephalocele tissue handling, repair by aesthetic Encephalocele subunits


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