ISSN 0718-0918
Vol 13, N° 3, Octubre 2016



Procedimiento “EXIT” o Terapia Intraparto Ex - Útero Artículo de revisión

Dras. María Teresa Haye Morales (1), Claudia Carson Osses (2)
(1) Becada Medicina Materno Fetal, Hospital Clínico Universidad de Chile.
(2) Becada Obstetricia y Ginecología, Universidad de Santiago de Chile.



The commitment obstructive airway in the newborn is associated with hypoxia, acidosis, neurologic morbidity and high mortality. The most common cause of obstruction are cervical tumors and congenital obstruction of the airway. The most common injuries are cervical lymphatic malformations, teratoma, cystic hygroma, hemangioma, goiter, brachial plexus cysts, neuroblastomas and hamartomas.

Preparing a birth in which obstetricians, pediatricians, neonatologists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists and pediatrics surgeons are coordinated with the intention of obtaining a patent and safe airway, while remaining intact placental circulation, it is what we understand as intrapartum fetal therapy ex - uterus or EXIT.

This management can change the prognosis in critically ill patients, in which without adequate preparation, airway obstruction would become an emergency for the newborn.

Key words: Infant, explosive threw up, hypertrophic stenosis.



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