ISSN 0718-0918
Vol 13, N° 4, Diciembre 2016



Bebés saludables con estímulos y afecto

Eva Pilar López García
Institución de Sanidad de Castilla y León



The infant massage is an ancient art that, in addition to strengthening the bond between the baby and the parents, brings multiple benefits for their physiological, psychological and emotional development.

The massage being natural and not needing a special talent makes it a very simple option to achieve the well-being of the newborn.

The nurse and midwife as health professionals are capable with an adequate training to teach this technique to parents who wish to practice it

A study was conducted within a quantitative, non-experimental, exploratory, transectional approach.
The population participating in the study was made up of nurses who work in the pediatric consultations of Primary Care in Ávila.

The descriptive variable is formed by the knowledge, experiences and opinions of the nurses of pediatrics in Primary Care.

According to professionals, the greatest advantages is the strengthening of bonds between the baby and the one who facilitates the massage. Of the interviewees, 26 thought that massage facilitates relaxation; 10 concluded that the greatest contribution is in terms of stress management and 14 say that it contributes to relieve constipation.

Within the conclusions reached, say that, Infant Massage is a practice increasingly valued in our society, and therefore, a practice that mothers demand, in addition, through massage the baby connects with the Person who performs it and thus communicates. This is important because the deep emotional bonds created in childhood are a perfect foundation for a lifetime of trust, security and love.

Keywords: baby massage, pediatrics, stimulation.


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