Volumen 14 número 2 - Agosto 2017
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Epidemiología de pacientes quemados en el Hospital Roberto del Río 2013-2015 y su variación según la estacionalidad
Rodrigo Brunet W.1, Dra. Pilar Covarrubias F.2
1 Interno de Medicina, Escuela de Medicina, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Chile
2 Cirujano Pediátrico, Médico Jefe Unidad de Quemados, Hospital Pediátrico Roberto del Río

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Introduction: Pediatric burns have high morbi-mortality, with important sequelae for children. Studies have analyzed their epidemiological pattern and suggest that this knowledge would help on burn prevention and treatment. The purpose of this investigation is to identify the epidemiological pattern on the Roberto del Río Hospital burned patients.

Methods and Materials: Retrospective study. The medical records from patients admitted in the Roberto del Río Hospital Burn Unit during 2013-2015 were reviewed, where the admission season pattern and its correlation with climate change was observed.

Results: 610 medical records were reviewed. 12 patients were excluded. 598 patient records were analyzed. A greater number of hospital admissions were found on Autumn and Winter and a significant correlation was found between hospital admissions and temperature.

Discussion: Autumn and Winter higher admission rates and the admission significant correlation with temperature, could be related with a higher stove and heater use, in relation to a higher stove and heater burn rate during winter. This is relevant information to improve treatment and prevention measures.

Conclusion: There is a significant correlation between the climate conditions and seasonal changes with burns. More studies are needed to determine the risk factors involved.

Key words: Burned patient, Temperature, Pediatric Surgery

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