Volumen 14 número 4 - Diciembre 2017
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El gran valor de la lactancia materna
Eva Pilar López García
Institución de Sanidad de Castilla y León
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A breast milk bank is a center specialized in the promotion, promotion, collection and processing of breastfeeding, as well as raising awareness of the importance and value of breastfeeding, ensuring the delivery of a safe product and high quality for those infants who need it, the most common indications for prescribing bank milk are: nutritional, therapeutic and preventive (1).
Milk banks benefit:

  • A preterm or born with low birth weight.
  • Infected RN.
  • Carriers of
  • deficiencies
  • immunological conditions.
  • Persistent diarrhea.
  • Special cases (2)

In the last five years, the number of breast milk banks has grown considerably worldwide, in parallel with the awareness of the importance of breast milk in high-risk babies, as well as premature babies, for whom it is not just a food, but a medicine.

The scientific evidence accumulated throughout the twenty-first century, on the importance of breast milk for the health and survival of infants admitted to neonatal units, far superior to any specific formula., The continuous increase of the rates of onset and prevalence of the breastfeeding at the social level, together with the implementation of new health models of neonatal care has contributed to this trend change (3).

The general objective of this work is to know the current state of scientific nursing production on milk banks.

Keyword:milk banks, breastfeeding, nursing.

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