Volumen 17 número 1 - Abril 2020
ISSN 0718-0918
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Irina Suley Tirado Pérez1, Yamid Ariza Álvarez2, Andrea Carolina Zárate Vergara3, Yorladis García Orozco4, Sindy Paola Puentes López5, Oscar Javier Ardila Cavarique6
1 Médico Epidemióloga, Master en cuidados paliativos pediátricos, residente de cuidado intensivo pediátrico, Universidad de Santander
2 Médico, Hospital Internacional de Colombia
3 Médico Epidemióloga, residente de cuidado intensivo pediátrico, Universidad de Santander
4 Médico, Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia
5 Médico, Universidad de Sucre
6 Médico, Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia

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Introduction: Dengue represents a major public health problem in countries like Colombia. Usually it is a self-limited pathology with good response to outpatient symptomatic management, however, pictures with atypical symptoms can complicate the diagnosis resulting in unusual manifestations that compromise the patient's life.

Objective: Describe the information on the exposed topic highlighting relevant aspects such as diagnosis and management.

Methodology: A bibliographic review was carried out with electronic search in the following databases: PubMed, MEDLINE, Medscape, Scopus; in English and Spanish including different types of article (original articles, review of topics and management guides that will address unusual symptoms of dengue in pediatrics from 2009 to 2019.

Results: 414 references were obtained after an article review, which describes the topic of complications related to this pathology in pediatrics, 50 articles were selected in full text that met the search requirements.

Conclusions: The issue of atypical manifestations of dengue has little revision registered in the area of ​​pediatrics, they are rare complications, so the evidence is scarce, these should be taken into account for timely management and treatment.

Keyword: Dengue, Pediatric, Dengue Virus

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