Volumen 18 número 1 - Abril 2021
ISSN 0718-0918
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González-Paredes YJ1; Arreguín-González FE2; Frías-Vázquez G2: Palomo-Collí MA
1 Residente de tercer año de pediatría, Centro Médico Nacional “20 de Noviembre” ISSSTE
2 Servicio de Oncología, Centro Médico Nacional “20 de Noviembre” ISSSTE
3 Servicio de Oncología, Hospital infantil de México Federico Gómez.

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Introduction: Quality care survivors include surveillance of recurrence and second tumors, intervention in the control of symptoms, psychosocial needs and coordination of care.

Objective: To determine the quality of life in childhood cancer survivors who are seen in outpatient pediatric oncology service.

Materials and Methods:  A cross sectional study was performed in the outpatient clinic of pediatric oncology  of  National Medical Center “20 de Noviembre” ISSSTE, with  16 surviving patients of central nervous system tumor applying  quality of life inventory. (PedsQL TM)

Results: The least affected was the social dimension with an average of 73.44 followed by physics which had an average of 71.87, emotional with a mean of 67.19 and school was the least affected with an average of 68.75.

Conclusions: It is essential that the physician detected late problems from treatment and disease, prevent complications and serious sequelae, grant helps the child and family to join the society and integrate it seamlessly, making a better quality of life.

Keywords: quality of life, survivors
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